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The Journal of Education & Technical Sciences (JOETS) invites you to submit papers for a first theme issue focused on The Intersection of Physics, Chemistry, Nanotechnology and Engineering of Materials. Our new journal is the first international periodical focused on the intersection areas of physics, chemistry and nanotechnology and engineering of materials on various levels of academic and professional training.

The knowledge of the physical and related sciences in general public is rather poor in spite of the fact that the recent developments in physics, chemistry nanotechnology and engineering of materials strongly influence our civilization and culture. On the other hand numerous highly specialized journals are, as a result of their hermetic character, often accessible to a tightly restricted readership only. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a forum, where pupils, students, young scientists and their teachers could interchange their ideas on the level appropriate to their different stage of academic and professional knowledge and skills. This is the main motivation for creating our periodical.

We publish papers that describe advances in the fields of chemistry, physics, nanotechnology and engineering of materials and highlight how these fields both excite students and promote a deep understanding of the intersection of physics, chemistry, nanotechnology and engineering of materials. Own papers describing new laboratory experiments in physics, chemistry and nanotechnology are particularly welcome. In particular, the papers should include:
1) A new phenomenon/laboratory experiment or a new way to describe the phenomenon/conducting experience, available for science students
2) New experimental results, new materials, new substances, new technologies or a new theoretical descriptions of phenomena.

This theme issue will be published in the autumn of 2014. The deadline for the submission of articles is September 15, 2014; papers submitted after this date will continue to receive consideration if time permits. Manuscripts should be sent to and according to the editorial requirements formatted.

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